Applied Arts Magazine – 2023 Winners’ List

“Our 2023 Photography and Illustration Awards winners used unparalleled talents… “

“I was blown away by how many talented artists are out there. Super impressed and honoured I was able to see such a wide variety of skills and ideas.”Vanessa Iddon, Senior Designer, Perfect Day, St. John’s NL

The list of Winners of the 2023 Applied Arts Magazine Photography and Illustration is online:

It’s always an honor to be on that list and many thanks to my super talented team of talents!

Photography – Jean-François Seguin
Art Direction – Elodie Laurent
Artistic Advisor – Freja Claesson
Photography Coordinator – Elodie Laurent
Post-Process Coordinator – Peter Asbjorn

The winning work will be presented in all its splendour in the Summer Annual and in the online winner’s gallery later this month.