Making the cover or not – Lürzer’s Archive

Winning awards is always very rewarding. To be featured alongside the best photographers in award magazines such as Communication Arts, Applied Arts and Lürzer’s Archive is certainly the most exciting.

But when your winning image is considered to make the cover of an awards magazine, it’s another level of excitement.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, making the cover of the 2023 – 200best World’s Advertising Photographers, was a possibility, as shown below.

And the same image was also considered for the cover of issue 225 of Lürzer’s Archive magazine. Unfortunately, a handful of images were also considered as seen on page 12 of the 200Best Photographers Edition 11, and another image was chosen.

Keep in mind, the Lürzer’s Archive magazine and the 200best book are filled with the world’s best images. Lürzer’s Archive’s staff say the choice is a “delightfully hard” task. The cover image has to be emotive and somehow pushing at the edges of our thoughts.

Maybe next time, but it was fun just to be considered! Thanks for the experience Lürzer’s Archive!