RCAF Golden Hawks

Never forget to remember.

The famous Golden Hawks, once the world’s best aerobatic team that set new standards for jet formation aerobatics, were a Royal Canadian Air Force aerobatic team established in 1959 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the RCAF and the “Golden” 50th anniversary of Canadian flight. The Sabre built by Canadair was the most feared fighter plane, the fighter pilot’s fighter.

Despite having been originally created for only one year, the Golden Hawks team remained in existence for 4 years and gave a total of 317 air demonstrations. The Canadair Sabre defended Canadian’s freedom and the Golden Hawks were also meant to never forget to remember the atrocities of war.

The most spectacular paint scheme ever to grace the already graceful lines of the Sabre was the livery of the RCAF’s precision aerobatic team, the Golden Hawks.

Photography – Jean-François Seguin
Artistic Advisor – Freja Claesson
Project Coordinator – Elodie Laurent
Post-Process Coordinator – Peter Asbjorn
3D Components Artist – Vanessa Oberson