Heritage Montreal 40th Anniversary

For 40 years, Heritage Montreal has been bringing heritage to the attention of Montrealers. It brought areas of the city to the forefront. It made architecture and urban planning the focus of discussions. It has imparted a taste for conservation and the desire to enjoy beauty wherever it is found.

We owe Heritage Montreal general public courses and presentations on home renovation since 1981, the protection and enhancement of McGill College Avenue, the Old Port’s public space open to the river, the classification of Habitat 67 as a historic monument and the restoration of the Guaranteed Pure Milk Co. Ltd bottle.

I have been doing work for Heritage Montreal for three years and this is our latest work celebrating its 40th anniversary. To be seen on the streets of Montreal as of June 15th!

Heritage Montreal – Stéphanie Chaumont and Marie-Claude Landry
Art Direction – Hélène Godin
Graphic Design – Xavier Coulombe-Murray
Photograpy – Jean-Francois Seguin

JFSEGUIN - HM_Affiche_Pn2_V4JFSEGUIN - HM_Affiche_Pn3_V4JFSEGUIN - HM_Affiche_Pn4_V4JFSEGUIN - HM_Affiche_Pn1_V4