Summit minus 3 metres – Applied Arts Awards 2014



An honour to have the image Summit minus 3 metres among the winners of the 2014 Applied Arts Magazine Photography Annual. The final image is a composite but was primarily shot on top of Hurricane Mountain in New York state. Different parts of Hurricane Mountain were used to create the final image. The mountains in the background are images shot in Oregon.

For the mountain lovers/hikers, Hurricane Mountain is a fun climb. It has a 3694-foot elevation near Lake Placid in the north of the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. It is accessible from route 9N, west of Elizabethtown, west of interstate 87. It has a completely bald summit and 360 degree views with a fire tower on top. If you are in good physical shape, the mountain is known as moderate and is roughly a 4 hour round trip. The trail climbs steeply at the beginning, then levels out, crosses a series of bridges across beaver swamps (yes beavers!), an then resumes with a steep climb to the top.

Paste  44.235126,-73.710903  in Google maps!

JFSEGUIN Mount Hurricane 1 1200BLOG

JFSEGUIN Mount Hurricane 2 1200BLOG

JFSEGUIN Mount Hurricane 3 1200BLOG

JFSEGUIN Mount Hurricane 8 1200BLOG


Everything was planned for a cloudy and foggy day so the image would feel high in altitude. We ended up cutting short our stay on the summit after the rain and the wind came into play. Surely the descent ended up being very wet, slippery and slow. A hot shower and a hot coco were all we were thinking of on the way down!

JFSEGUIN Mount Hurricane 5 1200BLOG