Revisiting the first award…

Giving conferences at Montreal’s Dawson College to students in the Photography Program, a few weeks ago, reminded me of the first award I have won; the Patron’s Award given to the highest scored portfolio, during graduation portfolio judging at Dawson College. It was in 2011 and I had no idea then it was the first of many more awards to come.

I was recently given the chance to take pictures of the award plaque, hanged in the school’s studios near the equipment room. And huge thanks to Peter Ng for making this possible. He is a very valuable resource for photographers in the Montreal area.

Dawson Patron's Award 034 1500

Dawson Patron's Award 007 1500Dawson Patron's Award 063 1500Dawson Patron's Award 010 1500Dawson Patron's Award 058 1500Dawson Patron's Award 013 1500Dawson Patron's Award 120 1300HF


Shooting at Dawson, like the good old days APC_3527 1500APC_3529 1500