On the doorstep of AI

AI is here and we are not going backwards. Photoshop, digital cameras and 3D had every photographer adjust to the latest reality. It meant using the latest technology as a tool to perfect their images.

In 2023, AI still has a lot to learn. Descriptive prompts are key according to the researchers, the more detailed and descriptive the prompts, the better the output. Prompt Engineers are born and are training and experimenting everyday to master their art.

MidJourney by David Holz, DALL-E by OpenAI, DreamStudio by Stable Diffusion, Generative AI by Getty Images and Firefly by Adobe are fighting hard to become the leading AI image generator.

In the meantime, sailors can have a little laugh at the results of DALL-E results with the following prompts:

“sailor racing a Laser in heavy seas”

My favorite image is the following with the (Laser) sailor steering the boat from outside, knees against the hull.

On other subjects like portraits, AI seems to be doing much better. For a commercial purpose, the following portraits could maybe or probably make the cut for some clients.

Same for fashion, except the locations and backgrounds are endless, at no cost.

One thing is more than certain, AI is progressing extremely fast. In less than a few months, those images will look much better and realistic. More cases to come, stay tuned!