Lürzer’s 200 World’s Best Photographers 2022

Again, it’s an honour to be among the 200 Best Ad Photograhers in the World and to be featured in the Lürzer’s Archive 200 World’s Best Ad Photographers biennial. The book will be out soon in a few weeks and will be available on Lürzer’s Archive’s website, Amazon and any major bookstore worldwide near you.

Paris-based Anne-Rose Schlutbohm, former publisher of French trade journal “Profession Photographe“ (championing among others the careers of such notable photographers as Ellen Von Unwerth) who, along with Lürzer’s Archive’s very own art director Christine Thierry, has once again assisted the jury in weeding down the more than 8,000 entries to a more jury-palatable 1,200.

Many thanks to the Jury:

Christine Thierry, Vienna
Anne Telford, San Diego
Juventino Mateo Leon, Zurich
Abolaji Alausa, Lagos
Hayley Peterson, London
Nicholas Capanear, New York
Heather Elder, San Francisco
Olaf Deneberger, Frankfurt
Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Hamburg
Maxime Sauté, Toronto
Adam Hessel, New York
Andrea Hutchins, Clarington, Ontario, Canada

A total of 4 images were selected and this volume of 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide will be published toward the end of November and available soon online and in major bookstores.

Full details to come soon!