Lightrein Partnership – Partenariat Lightrein

Partnership with lighting equipment and accessories manufacturer Lightrein based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Partenariat avec le manufacturier d’équipement d’éclairage et accessoires Lightrein basé à Edmonton, Alberta.

Jean Francois Seguin

Lightrein Website link:  WHAT PEOPLE SAY

Quote ~ Commentaire:

“I look for very good quality, reliability and customer service that can offer assistance when needed. I’ve worked with other well known brands and after comparing quality and prices, Lightrein was the obvious choice. Lightrein monolights always perform well; I find them very precise and easy to use. Most of my photoshoots are on location and I find Lightrein very reliable and mobile. When I work with battery packs in the woods, abandoned buildings or on the beach I need my lights to work perfectly every time I press the shutter. This is most important with a limited number of shots before the batteries drain, especially on a bright sunny day when you need to kill the ambient light with all 1200 Ws monolights at full power. There is no room for wasted shots and Lightrein never disappoints me. I also use umbrellas, honeycomb grids, softboxes from Lightrein along with Lighttools Soft Egg Crates. The air-cushioned stands from Lightrein are great and their carrying cases very useful.

To me the biggest benefit is the ratio quality/price. I use the Lightrein products every time and I never feel ‘under-equipped’.

Lightreins customer service has been great to me every time I’ve needed help which is a real big plus.”

– Jean Francois Seguin