IPA 2014 – int’l photography awards – New York

Two Honourable Mentions at the IPA 2014 – int’l photography awards in New York. A real honour to be alongside photographers such as Erik Almas, Chris Crisman and Chris Gordaneer that I admire all so much. “Honey, let’s visit the tailor!” and “Light Parentheses” were selected.

For the “Honey, let’s visit the tailor!” series (read here), thanks to L’Atelier Tailleur Mark, in Montreal, for giving us access. Thanks to models Katherine Robitaille and Dominique Dufort-Boudreau, make-up artist and hair stylist Kathya Portillo and project assistant Marion Gelinas

For “Light Parentheses”, thanks to model Marion Gelinas.

IPA 2014 JFSEGUIN Honorable Mention

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IPA 2014 – Honey, let’s visit the tailor!

IPA 2014 – Parentheses Portrait