Communication Arts Magazine – Full Article

It’s no longer on the shelves of every major bookstore but it’s now here! You can read the full article/spread featured in the September/October issue of Communication Arts magazine. Thanks to all the creatives who worked with me, who believed in me and are so generous everytime we work on the same sets producing the best possible images!

 – In his past career,  Jean-François Seguin worked in the corporate world by day, honing his photography skills on the side. Upon graduating from Dawson College’s commercial photography program, he already had the methodical workflow needed to engineer innovative concepts. “I do a lot of research before shooting a campaign or project in order to make sure we are doing something a little different from what has been done – unless instructed otherwise,” the Toronto based photographer says. His series for sailing school École de Voile Deux-Montagnes is a prime example. In the images, child sailors glide against a light background , their daydreams trailing alongside them as shadows. as for Seguin’s own dream for the future, “I would love to shoot for brands that command respect and admiration,” he says. –

– Communication Arts magazine September/October 2018