George S. Zimbel and CAPIC Montreal

Fashion photographer Geneviève Charbonneau and myself, both CAPIC National Directors and Co-Presidents of CAPIC Montreal, organized an event just before the Holidays to honor legend photographer George S. Zimbel. The documentary Zimbelism was viewed and M. Zimbel was very generous. The crowd was excited to exchange a few words with M. Zimbel and some of us had the privilege of getting a few written words.

An evening where the Montreal photography scene exchanged and shared good laughs. I also had the chance to meet my ex-teacher from Dawson College, Joel Silverstein and we both exchanged with school photography director, Sylvain Lalande, from College Marsan, where the event took place.

Thanks to College Marsan, my CAPIC partner Genevieve and M. George S. Zimbel.