Beach Aircrafts – Applied Arts 2015 winning series

The Applied Arts Magazine Awards 2015 winning series Beach Aircrafts  in collaboration with Artistic Adviser Jimena Aragones.


You rarely bump into a group of beautiful models lined up and waiting for you. They were the best looking seagulls the Pacific Coast can offer! Nye Beach, Oregon, and the nearby seafood restaurants attract many locals and tourists and of course hundreds of seagulls. It’s a matter of time before people walk to the shore and feed the birds. I observed the birds flying, turning and landing and decided to come back to take pictures once I had a plan.

The next day I went back to do the work with a very high double-sided ladder to be at bird’s flight level. I also did catch a lot of souvenirs!

Beach Aircrafts - Ladder 1000

Once I chose the images, I turned to very talented Montreal Illustrator and Graphic designer Jimena Aragones for final artistic advice. Huge and sincere thanks to Jimena, it was a real pleasure working with her.

The Beach Aricrafts winning series will be featured in the Applied Arts Magazine Photography Awards issue of May/June 2015.

JFSeguin - Beach Aircraft 01 1200JFSeguin - Beach Aircraft 02 1200JFSeguin - Beach Aircraft 03 1200